Christina and I have been friends for several years.  In fact, she was one of my first clients.   When we were discussing her wedding photos she told me how much she would love to redo some of her portraits in her wedding dress... so of course we had to make that happen.

We met at Sanibel Island in Florida, where she was married and I actually found out this is the same spot where Jason also proposed to her.  We got to redo some of her wedding portraits around the hotel where they were married as well as the beach at Sanibel.

I have never been to Sanibel before and feel in love with all the creatures and shells on the beach.  It was kind of magical.  Hopefully I can take my family there in the near future to experience some of its magic!

Congrats on your 5 year anniversary Christina & Jason!  You two make an amazing pair and I had the greatest day with you both!  <3

xoxo - Grace

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